Sunday, 4 November 2012

Youtube subtitles download tool.

For those who are struggling trying to extract subtitles from youtube videos. You can achieve this in less than 2 minutes.

Simply follow the tutorial above, or you can of course check the Embed Tutorial video at the end of this article.

Videos are great, but Youtube recently added Closed Captions which can support Interactive Transcript on many recent videos. In other words, Subtitles are available on any recent English Videos. Even if you don't attach a Transcription, youtube automatically generates it!

How Interactive transcript works?

Youtube simply listens to English spoken videos, and then transcribe it at its best. It's pretty awesome, but of course, machines cannot be accurate as our Ears. So in some videos where the language is not well spoken, or if the audio quality is really bad, you won't get an accurate Interactive Transcript on those videos.

But let's take a look closer, assuming the Interactive transcript is more than 90% accurate. For example on several Spokesman, Speaker or people who have the skill to talk to an audience, like "Barack Obama" or any "Google seminars" The language there is pretty clear in all of their videos, and that mean the interactive transcripts too.

How can that benefit us?
Well let's say you are any kind of Writer, or a University student. Inspiration is a great deal, and most of the time you will relate to different sources or many other ways something has been taught to you.
Let's say you find a 1 hour speech on youtube on something that is totally inspiring. Would you be able to listen and make a Written copy of all the informations spoken? 

This is Where Interactive Transcript becomes and option for you. And you will start using the Youtube subtitles Download tool.

You'll be able to extract any text from youtube videos if they have "Interactive Transcript" button available and have it in TEXT format or even .SRT format which is more oriented for "Subtitles format" (if you want to mount the subtitles on a video for example)

But most of the time TEXT format will do the trick. Once you get the TEXT format which the process will be explained in the next Topic, we'll be able to go through and edit the TEXT to make it look good for your readers.

How to Extract Youtube subtitles ?

It cannot be simply thought. Many tools are available on the internet which might work for you. But I've tested most of them myself, and i'll say 20% of them are working, and 100% of them requires you to install an application or a Plugin for you web browser to get the job done.
Seriously? Why bother installing a stand-alone application on your PC/MAC when you can get the job done in 3 Easy steps to Download the Youtube Subtitles?

FEATURES: SERPsite developers have build YT SUBS DOWNLOAD TOOL v.2.3
(a FREE online tool that does all the Job in one.)
  • Extract Youtube subtitles/ Interactive transcript
  • Download Yt subs to .txt
  • Download Yt subs to .srt
  • English Language 100%
  • If subtitles doesn't exists, you'll be prompted.
  • Best of all, No extraction limit!


  1. Go to
  2. Choose a video which has "Interactive Transcript" button
  3. Copy the Long link URL of the video
  5. Paste the Long link URL in the input box
  6. Click "Extract Transcript" button
  7. If subtitles is correctly found, it will be displayed in a textarea box.

Video Tutorial to use YT SUBS DOWNLOAD TOOL


The tool documentation: How to download youtube subtitles
Please leave your comment if you're having any difficulties using this tool or if you have any suggestions.

Have fun! 
-John Pearson